Blended Problem-Based Learning :- What, Why and How?Ng-Ang Siew HoonHwa Chong Institution (High School)
Problem-based learning (PBL) is an instructional in which a real-world problem becomes a context for students to investigate, in depth, what they need to know and want to know It is a robust, constructivist process, shaped and directed primarily by the student, with the teacher as facilitator. In recent years, the growth in the availability of wide range of online ICT tools provided us a platform for a blended model of PBL. Blended PBL provides a mix of face-to face and online environments that engage the digital natives in our classes. Physics teachers in Hwa Chong Institution collaborated in an effort to provide blended problem-based learning experiences for our students. They worked together in the design, planning and implementation of blended problem-based learning packages for the upper secondary students.