10 Feb 2012 (Fri), 0830 - 1615 hrs at Hwa Chong Institution greetz.gif

The Power of Three: Learners, Teachers and the Community

In the interconnected web of learning that brings together the teacher, student and the broader community, we can develop a synergy that takes us to new heights. When we educators work together with our students and further tap into the third, larger source of collective intelligence – be it online expertise or physical external parties – we can truly help our students succeed in the global environment and serve our community effectively.

Questions we ask ourselves include:

- How can we guide our students to better utilise the expertise and resources of the larger world (individuals or organizations) online or offline?

- What are further ways we can help our students exercise their passion and compassion in contributing to and collaborating with society, or in experiencing real-world relevance/ application of their learning to society?

- Given our students’ need for love/ belonging and greater motivation, how can we develop a stronger connection with our students to foster learning, and guide them into a more constructive use of social networking tools?

Through this interdependent triangulation, we seek to tap into the innate strength and riches that lie within and without to accomplish our shared mission, for the greater good of humanity.

The power of three has traditionally been a prime symbol of effective synergistic collaboration. Examples can be found in the domains of: religion (Christian Trinity, Fu-Lu-Shou, Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva); history-politics (Julius Caesar-Crassus-Pompei, Huo Guang-Jin Midi-Shangguang Jie); and popular culture (Halliwell sisters in Charmed, Sith Triumvirate in Star Wars Expanded Universe); etc.